Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite items in the home I began renting in 2018 is the AC system installed by Alan Berry. It does a VERY GOOD job of keeping the house cool if you close the doors to the front of the house.

Air Conditioning has almost always been a part of my life here when it came to relaxation. I had a window unit in my apartment that would run during my “after afternoon nap.” That’s still true here, and I’ll also run it some mornings when it’s very hot.

This afternoon I wrote a post about frugality (you can read it here) and believe being cheap so that you can invest in others is a good thing. At the same time, you must take care of yourself.

For me during a stressful day there’s nothing better than turning on the AC, and taking a nap, or just relaxing. That brief time of rest and renewal almost always gives much needed energy as well as focus. And there’s nothing wrong if your body is tired with laying down in blessed air conditioning 🙂

Yes we are called to self-discipline….

but there must also be a refuge for ourselves from time to time

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