In the October 2018 I moved into a new rental property that belonged to veteran missionaries before the returned to the field.

After the first long day of cleaning, organizing, and unpacking I sat down on the porch in exhaustion. And then took the amazing picture of the sun setting on the nearby ocean. The picture is actually hanging on my wall today with the word “home” written on it.

This memory actually continues my thought from yesterday about air conditioning, and the importance of rest within life. Not only is there nothing wrong with resting, it is absolutely necessary!

There was still a ton for me to do at the house that day but I knew my body had reached it’s daily limit. So the wisest thing to do was sit down in a chair and enjoy the amazing view.

In the same way, rest must become an ingrained habit of life. Sometimes this means taking an actual nap. Other times it means reading a book, eating a good meal, relaxing with friends, or even taking a walk.

The important thing is to realize when it’s time to be done……and actually be done!

It is those who care for their bodies by making rest a priority that accomplish the challenges of tomorrow

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