The Motivation of Grace

Ephesians 2:1-10 is my favorite passage of Scripture. Partly because I memorized it for a speech class during college, but mostly because it’s one of the most beautiful contrasts in all of Scripture.

In 2:1-3 we were children of Satan

And in 2:4-10 we are children of God

On a personal level I love this passage because it reminds me of my Australian dog

While in Australia I decided to get a dog, so I went to the local dog shelter. After looking at all of the dogs I chose one (his name was Yoda, and no I didn’t name him that). As we were finishing the paperwork the lady looked at me and said “oh sir you don’t want this dog.”

I asked what she meant, and the lady explained that the family that had him before me actually BROUGHT HIM BACK to the shelter! Evidently Yoda was an escape artist who would be left in the fence every day when they went to work, and always get out.

“That’s no problem” I told her with a smile, I’ll take him anyways.

You see….I understood Yoda wanted to be an inside dog, and went about making him just that

Once we got home, Yoda wasted no time enjoying the many toys I’d bought beforehand. But nothing (and I mean NOTHING) came close to the joy he received from a squeaky bone. He would squeak it constantly so I had to put it inside a closet to get some peace and quiet 🙂

Of course along with the squeaky bone was the shock of going from sleeping in a cage one night, to a bed the next!!!!

And yes Yoda was an escape artist, but he didn’t really go anywhere! Most of the time I’d simply walk out to the sidewalk with the leash, and he’d run up to me.

Yoda obeyed me because he loved me

The Love that I poured into him brought a response of devotion

The first night I brought Yoda home I was laying on the couch watching TV. He jumped onto the couch, curled up behind me, and placed his head on my leg. Like you see in the picture below when my mom and dad came to visit

That gesture was his way of saying thank you, and promising not to run away (or at least very far).

One Saturday I went for a run and coming home found Yoda sitting in a small patch of grass on the sidewalk. Two girls were standing by him looking a little confused. As I got close he got up and ran to me excitedly. “Is that your dog?” one girl asked. I told her it was and she responded “he was just sitting here in the grass.”

Think about that for a moment

He got loose and could have run up and down the road

but instead Yoda chose to sit down and wait for me

That is the motivation of Grace

We don’t serve God because He forces us to

We give our lives as an offering to God because of the Love He and grace He has poured out on us.

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