The Joy of Salvation

In October 2018 about three weeks before moving into my new rental property I started moving some of my items into the house itself. On a Saturday I decided to take my dog Vincy with me.

I was actually much more excited about that trip than Vincy….

it would be the first time he saw his new yard

Vincy didn’t have a yard at my apartment which was okay for a while, but dogs just need a yard. So I got Vincy into the car, drove over to the new house, and let him go. He started by inspecting every inch of the front and back yard carefully. And then started to run!

The picture you see here is when he FINALLY stopped running with his tongue literally hanging out of his mouth! Vincy had water, but he was so excited about the new yard that he didn’t pay attention to it at all.

This picture could easily be summed up with one word….joy!

Just like Vincy was overwhelmed with joy by his new yard, we are called to be overwhelmed by joy because of God’s goodness upon our lives. Often just after Salvation or during a time of intensive spiritual teaching like camp or a revival we will respond to the Gospel with a passionate joy.

Sadly this is often followed by a “cooling down” and we slowly become less and less excited about what we receive in Christ. This is why the must return to the Word of God each day, and allow the Holy Spirit to remind us about the Glory of the Gospel.

There will be dark times in our lives, but as we keep our eyes on Christ, even the darkest moments can be met with indescribable joy.

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