Sharing My Treasures

Yesterday morning I was walking by a local shop when one of the men called out to me. He motioned to his scruffy beard and asked to use my beard clippers.

My beard clippers are something I actually use very often since the Lord has blessed me with a very tough, and very fast growing beard. Normally I’d end up using them every other day. Since prison ministry was yesterday, I had cut my beard extra short, and that probably gained his attention.

I explained the battery was running low, but I’d charge it. If he was there that afternoon, I’d be happy to trim his beard with my clippers.

Sure enough when I came by at 4:00 he was sitting there waiting for me. We walked over to a bench, and in about ten minutes, he had a nicely trimmed beard.

Ministry doesn’t usually involve trimming beards (that was my first one) but it does involve sharing items from America that make peoples lives easier.

Every year around October I fill, and ship my yearly Christmas barrels. Those barrels will always contain “treasures” that cannot be obtained in Saint Vincent. Like good American coffee, tool kits, electronics (phones) or even something as simple as a beard trimmer.

I am incredibly grateful the Lord allows me to bring those items each year and make my life easier, but those treasures aren’t just for myself

They are for everyone who needs them.

Of course you need to be careful about this since people like to take advantage of your kindness. Yet we cannot let a few greedy people keep us from using our gifts to bless others.

I am not planning to start a beard-trimming service anytime soon. But have no problem helping a man in desperate need of a trim. Because this allows the treasures God has used to bless my heart to bless the hearts of others also.

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