Protecting the Yard

It didn’t take long for Vincy in 2018 to claim his spot at my new rental property. He positioned himself right at the gate of the porch so that he could see EVERYONE who came in.

Since that time he has made it very clear NOBODY (with one or two exceptions) is allowed to go inside the gate without my either letting them in, or telling them that they can come in.

Even then I sometimes have to hold him so the electricity man can come and check the meter!

His protection of the yard reminds me how the Lord calls us to protect our hearts, and more specifically our mind.

Satan loves to bring worldly influences into our mind through what we watch, or the things we listen to. Because of this, there should be a guard (much like Vincy) that evaluates everything that enters our mind.

This guard is actually the Holy Spirit who helps us discern what we should, and shouldn’t fill our minds with. But practically this is a set of convictions that carefully evaluate what we are allowing to enter our minds. Having the convictions in place is useful, but more importantly it’s stopping and thinking about our entertainment.

Few things are more important than the mind of the Believer

So we must guard ours with the ferociousness of the most vigilant guard dog

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