Leaving Winston Behind

In the Fall of 2018 I was officially moved into my new home, and only had to clean the old apartment and hand over my keys.

While there was excitement in my heart about being at the new house, my heart was concerned about a question

What will I do with Winston?

Winston was my cat at the apartment and a true “island cat” who detested being petted or held. You may remember me telling the story of finding him on the steps of the apartment while inspecting it before rental (probably left by owners) and adopting him.

There was absolutely NO WAY I could pick up Winston and transport him to the new house! And even if I did, he was certain to run away!!

So I did the next best thing

I told him I loved him, and left Winston on the steps where he was originally found.

I’m actually not sad about this because Winston lived a pretty good life! Yet in a basic way he illustrates a painful truth.

In this world, you don’t always get happy endings

I realize this cursed world is filled with much greater sadness than leaving a cat, and I’ve experienced much worse. But Winston in a way reminds me how the curse surrounds us. We have gotten accustomed to the sadness, heartache, and pain that surrounds us and live with it.

Of course with the sadness of this cursed world we receive a message of joy

it won’t always be that way!

Someday dear friends Christ will return in the rapture to take us home to be with Him in heaven. And then following the tribulation and millennial reign, Satan will finally receive his punishment. Having abolished sin, God the Father will create a New Heaven and New Earth where we can live with Him for eternity without sin.

So we tell them we love them

And then say goodbye

And with John say “even so come Lord Jesus”

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