You Can Always Come Home

In December 2018 I came home for a few weeks for some time with family, and refocusing. Sitting on the coffee table was a sign made with lego blocks and a minecraft key welcoming me home.

The thing is at that point Saint Vincent was my home…..

That doesn’t mean America didn’t matter to me of course! But after being overseas for a long time, the States feels weird. To this day I’m frightened to drive on roads in the US because there are too many lanes of traffic!

At the same time it is a blessing to know that I can indeed come home

There will be times like Christmas 2018 when I needed to take a bit of a break

Or return to the States on furlough

or simply refocus my life

Most of the time Satin Vincent is home for me…..but its a blessing to know I also have a home in Henrico Virginia.

And the door is swung wide open

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