It’s Okay to Dream the Big Dreams

Next month we will be celebrating the 24th Anniversary of Tabernacle Baptist Church. This gives us an opportunity to thank the Lord for what He has done, and also look into the future.

Most of the projects we plan to do in coming months aren’t too difficult

  1. paint the inside and outside of the church
  2. install new fans
  3. Get new speakers
  4. and install a TV for powerpoint

Of course all of this costs money, but these projects are manageable

But there’s one project that’s absolutely unmanageable…..

Getting church chairs!

Currently we use wooden pews that do a good job. However nice cushioned chairs would definitely be an upgrade. After a few members approached me about getting some I did some research. The cost of the church chairs above (from Amazon) are hidden, but it would cost around $6,000 East Caribbean dollars to just buy the chairs, and that doesn’t include shipping, which would be over $1,000.

In life we all have dreams or goals. Most of those dreams are small attainable ones like getting a new fan, or painting the church. Some dreams are medium sized which cost more, but with a little work, you can obtain them like the TV and new speakers.

Then there are big dreams like church chairs…..

The dreams that make you take one look at say “no that’s never going to happen!”

The thing about big dreams is they are (well) big! In other words, they are bigger than you. They demand planning, prayer, and partnership with others who can help out from time to time. Maybe this is why big dreams scare us so much, we honestly don’t like to ask for help.

So we give up on our big dreams (making sure to bury them deep)

Not realizing that being too big for us is actually a blessing!

God doesn’t want us to live a “manageable life” because there is little faith. Our small dreams (and even medium sized ones) fit snugly within our comfort zone. But the big dreams require a step of faith.

This post isn’t about raising money

It’s just a reminder to keep our dreams big…..but we serve an incredibly powerful God

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