Being Their Baby for Two-Weeks

Every time I come home dad takes some pictures of me with his good camera that can be used for prayer letters, or social-media updates.

I enjoy these pictures greatly……

but have to swallow my pride a little bit for them to get done 🙂

I’m used to doing everything on my own, which isn’t a necessarily bad thing. But this can create an attitude of stubbornness that refuses to ask for help with anything. I will ask for help from others, but only when I am absolutely desparate!

I can tell you this is just me humbly not trying to burden others

but the truth is it’s just stubborn pride….and it doesn’t glorify the Lord

Because of this God sometimes gives us jobs that we could not do on our own (like the pictures) to force us to ask for help. The interesting thing is when we do admit help is needed and ask for it, the results are amazing! Yet we are often satisfied with lower quality work as long as help from others isn’t needed.

I’m grateful for time home because it reminds me asking for help isn’t weakness

It’s living the way God intended.

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