Why You Need a Review Day

Next Monday I began my fall teaching schedule at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. First is a class on Historic Books from September 5-16, and then a Church History class from October 17-November 14.

This year is meaningful because it’s the beginning of their Senior year! So I evaluated my teaching technique by going through “The Seven Laws of the Learner” by Bruce Wilkinson

This book taught me a lot about teaching, but one lesson kept coming up…..

Covering the material is not the goal.

It’s far too easy as a teacher to become completely focused on covering the notes. This is especially true if you create them yourself! But this only puts the information in the students minds. They may be able to give you the correct answer on the test, but they cannot explain why it is the correct answer, and it doesn’t impact their lives.

The truth is covering the material is only step one in teaching

  1. You must also review the material (so they grasp it)
  2. And apply the material (so they live it)

This truth has led me to make a drastic change in my teaching….

The creation of a review day

In the past I would always teach Monday through Wednesday, and finish early on Thursday. This would give us a chance to review for Fridays exam. This is DEFINITELY NOT a review day though! A review day covers all that was taught during the week in an easy to understand format, and uses exercises to remember the key points (what Wilkinson calls the “irreducible minimum”).

The goal then isn’t making a good grade on the test (though that’s helpful) but to remember the material weeks after the test has been completed. And over time those truths will affect the way a student lives.

I’m grateful the Lord reminded me the goal of teaching isn’t to cram as much information as possible into students minds. But to explain, illustrate, and review the necessary information.

Because a transformed life is far more important than getting a good grade on a test

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