Ministry Needs Tools

The greatest part of my trip home in 2018 was spending time with family. The second greater part was my buying a refurbished Macbook Pro!

I had a macbook while in the States during furlough, but shortly before coming to Saint Vincent, it died. A personal computer I lovingly called “Betsy” replaced the Macbook, and served for many years (it actually broke down last March). Yet part of me always wanted a Macbook since they are better quality than PC.

The Lord provided a used (refurbished) Macbook from a local store and I was very excited to buy it for a reasonable price. They even gave me a discount for trading in my old broken Macbook!

You may ask what was wrong with the personal computer?

My answer is nothing! Betsy served me faithfully from 2016 till 2022 (pretty good for a computer with heavy use). But I’m a firm believer that technology can be used as a tool for the Lord, and the best tool out there in my humble opinion are Mac products.

You see I didn’t get a Macbook because it’s a status symbol……

I got a Macbook because it allows me to serve the Lord to the best of my ability.

Ministry cannot be done cheaply….

Sometimes it needs the proper tools

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