Being Spiritually and Physically Healthy

In December 2018 while home for Christmas I went to my parents doctor in order to get a complete physical. While I do have a private doctor in Saint Vincent, it had been a while since my last complete check up.

Thankfully all of my tests came back good…..

But that physical was also a reminder to take care of myself physically as well as spiritually.

I was actually pretty skinny at that time (too skinny) due to lack of proper exercise that would put on muscle. My body was also needing more protein or vitamins since the heat caused me to lose lots of weight. Eventually this began to affect ministry because I didn’t have the strength or energy to accomplish tasks.

Of course it didn’t take long to gain around ten-pounds due to a combination or junk food, soda, and of course mom’s cooking 🙂 But I began to change my eating habits (eating more smaller meals during the day instead of larger ones) and started strength training.

It’s far too easy in the Christian life to become unhealthy whether by being too skinny, or too heavy (I struggled with that earlier this year). Both of these have a dramatic affect on life because you cannot do what you know the Lord wants you to do. It’s incredibly frustrating to have a desire to serve the Lord in a certain way, but fail because your body isn’t strong enough.

The Biblical response is to care for your body as well as your soul.

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