Missions is…..Balancing Safety with Fear

Originally written January 29, 2021

One of my ministries during the week is visitation of some older saints who regularly come to church, or cannot come because of physical problems. We usually sing, go through a bible passage, and spend time in prayer.

with the spread of COVID this ministry has obviously become more difficult. Not only are they older, but many of them have pre-existing medical conditions that put them at serious risk. One individual in particular is seventy-eight and had asthma in the past. Though it was hard, I told her as a safety precaution, not to come to church till things calmed down.

As a way of continuing ministry with these Believers, I’ve committed myself to visiting every week on an individual basis. This is always done with every possible safety precaution:

  1. I wear a mask to their house, and during our time together
  2. I constantly sanitise. Yesterday I sanitised my hands three times, and the older saints hands twice during our time together
  3. I always wash and disinfect the mask immediately afterwards

This is an illustration of a very important principle for ministry. Safety must be balanced with fear

Basically this means daily ministry such as visitation and discipleship should continue (while following safety precautions) until it is either unsafe to continue ministry, or stricter protocols are in place.

In the COVID Pandemic world being anxious is a good thing…those who have no fear of the sickness are putting not only themselves, but everyone else in danger.

At the same time, that anxiety must lead towards taking wise steps (following protocol’s carefully) instead of isolation and allowing the worry to overwhelm us.

I do understand for some individuals, staying home is a necessity, and thats fine. My concern is that we let the fear of COVID keep us from serving the Lord altogether.

The true danger with this is the light of the gospel is supposed to shine brightest in the darkest moments. If there is ever a time for a consistent gospel witness, it’s when many individuals are thinking about their eternal destiny.

So we should follow the protocols placed over us…..

Wear (and wash) your mask…..

And sanitise those hands

But don’t let the fear of COVID keep you from doing the work of God

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