The Return of Silly Uncle John

When my nieces and nephews were young I enjoyed having fun with them. This included creating “Mr. Tickle Monster” which was just my four fingers bending down to met my thumb. And of course Tickle Monster loved nothing more than to tickle you!

As they grew older our silly adventures grew more elaborate. Eventually we created a game called “Uncle John Hunters” where Uncle John hid in the house, and they had to find him. The other thing about Uncle John Hunters is it was loud




Once coming to SVG however I got away from this since there wasn’t actually a ministry role of “Mr. Tickle Monster” 🙂 But every once in a while, the Lord in His mercy gives me an opportunity to be silly Uncle John again.

In December 2018 I went with my family to Chuck E Cheese for an afternoon, of games, rides, and of course silliness.

During my time home tickle monster did make more than one appearance. He actually had to since my youngest niece Noelle didn’t exactly know who tickle monster was!

Being home for a few weeks reminded me of something…..

it’s okay to be silly (sometimes).

Silliness of course cannot be a continual way of life. But there are opportunities to be goofy, silly, or loud and through that develop relationships. Also I do have a silly side (they call me Silly Uncle John for a reason) and God gave me this in His perfect wisdom so it could be used for His glory.

So go ahead and be silly

play a video game

run around with tickle monster

and play a very subdued game of “Uncle John hunters”

Because it makes the memories that much sweeter

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