A Re-Opened Door

In 2018 the Lord allowed me to begin tutoring boys twice a week at a local school in reading groups. It was one of the most fulfilling and fun ministries in Saint Vincent as I saw them develop a love for reading just like I developed at a young age.

The suddenly it was taken away…..

Understandably Covid led to the shutting down of schools. When they did re-open last year I didn’t talk to anyone about volunteering because they needed to focus on getting classes started again.

Then about three weeks ago the school librarian stopped me as I walked by her house one day. “Are you coming back in the fall?” she asked. I told her I wasn’t sure if the reading groups were needed, “oh yes!” she responded, we need it now more than ever!

So after two classes at the Bible College in September and October, I’ll begin volunteering at school again!

God in His infinite wisdom sometimes will close doors of ministry for us. This can be frustrating since often those ministries bring us great joy. Yet the Lord always has a plan in these situations. And often like my experience, He will eventually re-open that door.

We just have to wait for His timing…..

The plan of God almost always has like I like to call “waiting periods”. These are times when the Lord removes His blessing, and we go through a valley spiritually instead of a mountaintop. He doesn’t do this to be hurtful, but develop endurance.

It’s easy to obey the Lord when He gives us great blessings (in my case a reading program). It’s not so easy when the Lord closes that door of ministry (along with many others) during the Covid pandemic. It’s tempting in seasons like this to “make God do something” or force the door open spiritually. But the Biblical response is to embrace that time of spiritual waiting and allow God to re-open doors when it’s time.

I experienced lots of frustration as prison-ministry was called off for almost two entire years during the pandemic. But at the same time knew God’s timing was perfect, and when He was ready, we would go back.

That prayer was answered in the Fall of 2021 when the doors re-opened. And are answered again when school opens next week.

As someone who has been waiting on ministry opportunities I understand it’s hard sometimes.

But I also know it’s worth the wait.

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