Passing on a Flame

The church where my brother Pastors in the States has a Christmas eve service that traditionally ends with singing of a hymn with a lit candle in your hand.

I’m almost certain his son (my nephew) had been able to hold his own candle the year before (which is of course a right of passage). But he was especially excited to hold it beside me on Christmas eve 2018.

So I took a selfie 🙂

The look of joy on his face showed how much the moment meant to him. And also in a small way was symbolic of ministry.

My brother has done an amazing job of fathering not only my nephew, but my two nieces as well. He has taught them about the Lord, patterned a Godly testimony, and trained them to serve faithfully.

Then eventually he places the candle into their own hands.

Ministry involves lots of discipleship, teaching, and training. But then we must allow them to carry the flame themselves. Let them stand on their own two feet so to speak, and take responsibility for their own actions.

This photo is a challenge for me since I work with many young people who either don’t know the Lord, or aren’t mature enough spiritually to serve Him faithfully yet. May I continue teaching and training till the day I can put the candle in their hands.

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