Challenges are Necessary

A few days after Christmas in 2018 I took part in the traditional family game of Monopoly. The difference was this year I played against my nieces and nephews, who were VERY EXCITED to beat Uncle John!

When it comes to games like this there is one general rule……

Let them earn the win!

Honestly I am not very competitive when it comes to games. In this way I’m more like my dad, while my brother and mom are VERY competitive. That’s not a disrespect to those who are competitive, God just didn’t make me that way. My nephew has inherited the competitive side so he always wants to come first.

He almost always beats me because it isn’t something I take too seriously

but there is someone he tried for years to beat, but couldn’t do it

my mom

Mom is slightly more competitive than my brother when it comes to playing Monopoly. She always said there would come a day when her grandson would win, but she was going to make him earn it.

There is a principle here for life because making children work for a win creates endurance and strength of will. And it also creates a sense of ownership. Mom didn’t want him to win “because Granny let him” but because he earned it. In this way hard challenges are a blessing because with each conquered task, their confidence grows.

Late last year what we all knew would eventually happen did

Granny lost to my nephew at Monopoly

And as he celebrated the win, she couldn’t help but smile, knowing he truly earned it.

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