Back to War

A few days after new years 2019 I packed up my bags, and headed back to Saint Vincent!

There’s a lot of things I brought back with me, but the thing that probably catches your eye in the picture is my water gun.

So why bring a water gun to the mission field?

  1. The actual reason is to fend off street dogs who like to bother my dog Vincy when I walk him
  2. The spiritual reason is I’m going back to war

Scripture is incredibly clear that anyone who lives for the Lord is stepping into spiritual warfare against the powers of Satan and darkness.

Of course Satan doesn’t want us to know that…..

The Devil takes great joy in spiritual guerilla warfare. He makes us feel as if everything is fine and then in the moment of our greatest weakness, suddenly strikes!

Which is why we must never let our guard down.

Most days the experiences of life are enough to remind me I’m in spiritual warfare. But some days I need a water gun as a reminder.

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