I Cannot be Silent

(Editors Note: This post was originally written September 2, 2022)

Last week I finished the audio-version of Matt Walsh’s book “What is a Woman?” Some of you may not know who Matt Walsh is, I actually didn’t till last year after listening to his daily news podcast. Since then I’ve become a huge fan.

What draws me (and others to Matt Walsh) is very simple….

He courageously tells the truth!

Towards the end of his book Walsh shares a sentence that illustrates him perfectly, “Always tell the truth, no matter how much they try to bully you.” He has gained a reputation as someone who takes a firm stand for Christian values (Matt Walsh is a Catholic, but I believe he knows the Lord) and will not back down.

That phrase “Always tell the truth, no matter how much they try to bully you” has stuck in my mind since I heard it.

And it convicted me.

As a missionary I take a stand for the truths of Scripture, and reject much of the sinful actions seen in todays culture (homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, etc). But I haven’t shared much online about those convictions.

This isn’t because they aren’t strongly held, but experience has taught me social-media is the ABSOLUTE WORST place to have a political discussion! The thread of comments in a post often just turn into an online shouting match, and to be honest, I have much better things to do with my time!

In my mind many Christians have the same view as myself when it comes to politics online….

Yet it’s come to the point where we cannot be silent.

The morning I write this (September 2) most of America it talking about the speech President Biden gave last night condemning those who agreed with former President Donald Trump. To be honest, I don’t personally like President Trump because of the arrogance he displayed in dealing with other people. But know with personal convictions against homosexuality, transgender, and abortion I am one of the “enemies” he refers to.

The point is we don’t get to choose whether or not we want to fight a political war. We are already in one.

The call then is to become people who take a stand for the truth, and won’t stop.

People who refuse to be silenced

People who speak with humble wisdom, but God-given courage towards the challenges of life.

People who refuse to be bullied.

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