Choosing Education over Entertainment

A missionary friend of mine Andrew Comings is one of my role-models for many reasons. But one of the most important ones is he reads more than just about anyone I know. He averages close to 50 books a year, which is just under a book a week!

I am trying to get back into a reading habit, so a few weeks ago before class I messaged him to see just how he was able to accomplish all that reading.

The reason was simple……..

He carried his kindle everywhere

For those of you who don’t know, a kindle is an electronic reading device that allows you to download and read books. The great thing about a kindle is you can ONLY read books on it, as opposed to a phone or tablet that offers many other distractions.

Andrew explained that whenever he is waiting in line (daily ministry takes a lot of waiting in line) he immediately reaches for his kindle. This along with listening to audio books helps him complete close to a book every week.

So just pull out your kindle and read instead of using your phone, that’s easy right?


The problem our brains (mine included) are trained to seek entertainment instead of education. We (I) choose mindlessly scrolling as opposed to reading because that takes our full attention. And quite honestly, reading is hard work!

If it was just a few minutes spent on social media, the internet, or a game that would be okay. Of course, it doesn’t just last a few minutes, does it? We can easily spend many hours scrolling each week in search of entertainment.

One of the reasons Andrew Comings is a role-model for me and many others is he is constantly growing. And that constant growth comes through constant education.

In other words, the more we choose education over entertainment, the more effective we become for the Lord. This is what causes us to reach for a book instead of a scrolling app, our desire to give God the best of our lives. To continually become better.

In a world of endless scrolling, I am thankful that God has raised up men like Andrew who choose education over entertainment.

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