We Must Choose a Side

Though serving Saint Vincent, I have a love in my heart for Australia, and especially it’s sports. My favorite sport is actually Australian Rules Football (AFL for short) and during my time there chose to become a fan of the “Essendon Bombers”

This is why I was interested to learn the Bombers new CEO had resigned less than twenty-four hours after taking the job.

And more intrested in learning it was because of his anti-Abortion views

Andrew Thorborn was forced to resign because he “belonged to a Christian church.” The statement of Essendon reads “this is not about vilifying anyone for their personal religious beliefs, but about a clear conflict of interest with an organisation whose views do not align at all with our values as a safe, inclusive, diverse and welcoming club for our staff, our players, our members, our fans, our partners and the wider community.

The words of current premier of Australia is a bit stronger

“Those views are absolutely appalling. I don’t support those views; that kind of intolerance, that kind of hatred, bigotry is just wrong. All of you know my views on these things. Those sort of attitudes are simply wrong, and to dress that up as anything other than bigotry is just obviously false.”

Again the loss of this job, and attack in a newspaper are because he believes abortion is murder (which it is by the way).

which illustrates a very important point…..

You can never make the world happy

Thorburn in his statement following the resignation showed remorse over a culture that refused to accept Christian beliefs.

“However, today it became clear to me that my personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square, at least by some and perhaps by many. I was being required to compromise beyond a level that my conscience allowed. People should be able to hold different views on complex personal and moral matters and be able to live and work together, even with those differences, and always with respect. Behaviour is the key. This is all an important part of a tolerant and diverse society.

He makes an excellent point that inclusion would mean working along with those we disagree with…even Christians!

of course, that didn’t fit in the world’s definition of inclusion.

what frightens me is we are told as Christians the world will accept us if we simply compromise a few beliefs.

But that’s just not true

The only thing that will bring their acceptance is a complete and total rejection of foundational Christian truths such as the sanctity of life.

Thankfully we aren’t as far along as Australia, but it won’t take long

We must choose a side…and do it quickly

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