What If We Don’t Have Tomorrow?

One of my favorite ministries is visitation of what we call “Shut-ins” in the States. Older Believers (and unbelievers) who because of their advanced age cannot get around easily. They usually don’t leave the house much, and can become incredibly lonely, so I’ll visit them on the same day each week, it becomes something they look forward to.

One man who as far as I know never accepted Christ used to come by me every Monday, and we would sit in front of the church reading Scripture. And each time I would do my best to explain his need for Christ.

Mentally he understood this need, yet he struggled taking the step off acceptance.

During the summer ministries like church-camps, and VBS kept my very busy, so we weren’t able to meet every Monday. One week he came by and called while I was running behind trying to get things done. “So sorry” I told him, “I really don’t have time for our study today” promising to catch up next week.

but we never really did

About three weeks ago I was teaching a class at the Bible College and after coming back in the afternoon someone said “hey your friend died.” He became very sick and with nobody to care for him, his health deteriorated quickly. A daughter found him during a weekly visit, and took him to the doctor, but he died soon thereafter.

When they told me he had died my mind immediately went back to the last Monday I saw him. And my heart was filled with sorrow because instead of teaching him Gods word, I was more interested in getting things done.

With all of my heart I wish I could go share the Gospel with him one more time.

Now my friend may have accepted Christ (I pray that he did) but the sadness come from my counting on having another opportunity to meet with him.

This experience reminds me one of the most powerful attacks that Satan had in his arsenal is the little word “tomorrow”

  1. You can accept Christ tomorrow
  2. You can share the Gospel tomorrow
  3. You can get your life right with the Lord tomorrow
  4. You can do that hard job tomorrow

But what if we don’t have tomorrow?

I am grateful for the conviction that fills my heart over my friend’s death. Because it’s a strong reminder we must do the work of God today, in case tomorrow never comes.

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