There is a Remnant

Every week at prison ministry we are let into the gate, and then wait for Officer Williams, who is in charge of bringing us down to the hall where our services are held. Occasionally he isn’t there for some reason, when this happens they usually don’t let us in since he’s the one who stays during our services.

This morning they let us in…..

but Officer Williams didn’t come!

I started looking at my watch around 8:45 since he almost always comes for us at 8:30. When he hadn’t come by 8:55 we were starting to think the service would be cancelled.

Then I saw the prisoners looking out the window!

Someone had brought them down into the hall for services at the normal time, and the inmates were shocked to find we weren’t there. Some of them came to the window, saw us waiting to be escorted down, and began excitedly pointing at us and calling to a prison guard (to bring us).

The guard looked at them, looked at us, and five minutes later we were standing in a room packed with inmates praising God!

The Lord used that experience to remind me there will always be a remnant who love the Word of God.

In today’s world it sometimes seems as if few people care about God’s truth anymore. In practical terms it feels as if there is no “fruit” spiritually for ministry. But seeing muscular tatooed prisoners peering out a window because they want to hear the Word of God reminds me that isn’t true.

Satan wants us to believe friends that nobody cares, but that is a lie

They do care…..

And when the Devil tries to put a stop to God’s work, they will make their voice known.

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