You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

In early 2019 I had officially moved into my new rental home, but there was one last project that needed to be completed before the home could really become “my own.”

I needed a dog house!

My beloved dog Vincy who had been living without a yard for years now finally had one. But he really needed a dog house to live in for the change to be complete, even if he did prefer staying on the porch

A friend agreed to help me build the dog house, but he had a strange request……

He wanted me to do some of the work on it as well.

The truth is I am not very gifted in building things. This is why I paid him to build the dog house in the first place! But he was insistent that I do some of the building myself.

My work wouldn’t be nearly as good as his

but that was kind of the point.

My friend knew that I was very self-conscious about not being able to build things as well as him. This meant because the work wouldn’t be great, I didn’t want to try at all! He also realized this was the wrong attitude to have. The goal wasn’t perfection, the goal was simply to try.

It’s incredibly easy in life to live within our comfort zone of things we are really good at, and never step out of it. Satan loves to keep us there by pointing out just how poorly we do something new (especially compared to those who are gifted).

But that way you never really attempt new things.

it’s only as we start attempting the challenging things in life that we’ll start getting better.

I ended up doing some work on the doghouse and it definitely didn’t look as good as my friends. But that’s okay, because perfection isn’t the goal, the goal is to try.

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