Missions Isn’t Always an Adventure

When the Lord called me to missions in High School, I immediately began to think of all the exciting adventures that would be coming my way. In my mind missions work was one exciting experience after another.

nothing could be farther from the truth!

While there are definitely some exciting experiences, missions for the most part is doing the small ministries that other people may not notice.

Let me give you once example….

Last week a boy who lived nearby got a very severe cut that required stitches at the hospital (I edited out the nasty parts). I went over that afternoon and made sure his father had a ride to the hospital, and promised to visit the next day.

Around 10:00 the next morning I went to see the young man. He was in quite a bit of pain and seemed frightened by the experience of the day before. When the accident took place it felt “like a dream” so he was still in shock till they took him to the hospital.

I got him a soda and some chips (along with a snack for his younger sister) and was getting ready to leave when he asked me to stay. This was more by boredom and loneliness than fear, but I sat down on the bed and we talked before promising to come back that afternoon.

Most of the time this is missions…..

being present

and helping how you can

Earlier on the day of the accident I visted an older saint (who I wrote about yesterday). We spent some time reminiscing about what the Lord has done in her life, and her personal praises (along with struggles). When we were done I prayed for her, and put a $10 dollar bill in her hand. Again this isn’t something massive, but this is day to day missions.

The real problem with a romanticised view of missions is it creates an expectation of “huge ministries.” So when I get the chance to sit on a boy’s bed and talk about his challenges it’s ignored because that “isn’t ministry.” And visitation of older saints is delayed so it won’t get in the way of real ministry.

But those things are a real ministry!

I’m fairly certain when I stand before Christ He isn’t going to ask me how many big ministries I had.

  1. He will ask how many times I comforted a scared child
  2. He will ask how many times I was a companion for lonely older saints
  3. He will ask how many times I was just willing to be present

Missions is very rarely a huge adventure, but that’s okay. This doesn’t make it any less important of a ministry

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