The Boring Parts of Missions

Originally written on February 11, 2019

At around 8:00 every morning I walk through the village of Barrouallie, and hand out tracts.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and enjoy it. But often it is (dare I say it?)…boring.

Missionary presentations at Churches, prayer letters, and some social media posts make it seem as if missions is one exciting adventure or praise after another.

I don’t believe missionaries do this on purpose (there’s only so much info you can put in your updates) but it can create a flawed view of ministry.

taken to it’s extreme this view will create missionaries who are always seeking the adventure or exciting ministry opportunity that would look great in their latest prayer letter. But truthfully much of missions is filled with experiences that aren’t exciting at all.

  1. like taking people to and from the doctor
  2. Spending the day in town looking for a particular item
  3. Fixing things that are broken (because you cannot get a new one)
  4. or doing daily jobs like cooking, driving, cleaning, and washing clothes,

There are times when the Lord allows me to share the Gospel during my morning walks, but its usually spent just greeting people and passing out tracts.

and thats okay…..

Because integrity isn’t developed by the mountaintop experiences of missions. Instead it’s built up slowly as the day to day ministry habits are repeated for years at a time.

This morning while walking home a man stopped me and asked whether Jesus was made by Josephs sperm. I was able to spend some time explaining Christ came by God instead of Joesph, and why it was important. If Jesus was born by Joseph, then He was just another man. If He was born by God, then Jesus was God.

It was a great reminder that if we are faithful in the boring moments of life, God will bring the exciting moments eventually.

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