Missions Cannot Be Cheap

Between 2018 and 2020 I fell in love with Columbia boots! Actually, two of the exact same pairs were purchased in 2018 and 2019 just in different colors. I chose a different style of boot in 2020 but regretted it, so in about a month my new pair of Columbia boots comes in!

Why do I care so much about boots?

Because I do a LOT of walking!

Local ministry such as children’s ministry, visitation, or evangelism is normally done by walking from one place to the next. This allows me to get some exercise, and interact with people along the way. But all this walking means I have to use a very good shoe that will last a long time. Columbia boots do that, I even wear one of the pairs from time to time today!

This is not a commercial for Columbia as a company

but is an illustration of an important truth

missions cannot always be cheap

I happen to be someone who likes being frugal (cheap) in order to help others. This is a beautiful thing, but there will be expensive items that are worth the cost in order to help ministry. And there is NO SHAME in buying those items!!

The important thing is understanding what luxuries are (something you can do without), and aren’t

  1. Cookies (snacks) are a luxury
  2. Many electronics are a luxury
  3. Most entertainment (streaming services) are a luxury
  4. but things that strengthen ministry aren’t

Luxuries aren’t sinful by themselves! But it’s as we refuse to invest in luxuries that we are able to buy the things that are truly important.

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