Boxes Full of Treasures

Last Monday was one of my favorite days of the year. It’s the day my parents packed the items for my Christmas barrel!

Every year I will order items, and send them to my mom and dad. In early October they will then pack those items, along with things they bought for my Christmas, into barrels.

Last Tuesday my two boxes (they don’t use barrels much anymore) were supposed to leave for Miami. With the Lord’s help, I should receive the boxes by Thanksgiving.

It’s funny how after Starting Tuesday morning, I started to feel anxious about the barrels coming. It was if in that moment I became like a child again, thinking about how much joy purchased items would bring. After the email from Miami saying the boxes had been shipped, I’d anxiously wait for a call from the Believer who works at the port authority telling me they arrived.

Is that sinful? Of course not!

There’s a big difference between constantly being a child instead of a man (lacking emotional maturity and focus). And being excited like a child the day Christmas presents arrive.

In other words….it’s okay to be a child

When the boxes arrive I’ll lock the door, and indulge in oreos with good American coffee. Then the tree will go up with presents (my mom always wraps them in snowman paper). Each box that isn’t a present will be opened and celebrated, then the day will end with a brush-fire of amazon boxes!

The next day it will be back to work……

but for one day I’ll experience Christmas in November.

There is a shame for those who never work friends

but there is no shame in rewarding yourself with Christmas boxes

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