The Powerful Church

(This continues a series of posts on Church history from my Bible College Class)

Last week we saw that the persecuted church was one filled with maturity and courage since suffering removed sin and false Christians. But as the church became popular it embraced false doctrine and wicked leadership.

This led to the growth of the Powerful Church

Beginning with a Bishop named Leo (seen as the first Pope) the church became almost completely Catholic. With this change came a fixation on having authority or power, since the Pope is seen as having authority over everyone else. Including the King!

In 800 Pope Leo III crowned Charles Augustus as king. This continued when Pope Boniface VIII issued a statment claiming he had power over all of Europe’s Kings. As the love for power grew, there was a disagreement that resulted in three separate popes!

Sadly this love of power led to the downfall of the church as Islam took its power away, and there was a division between Eastern and Western churches. Along with the loss of power the church fell deeper and deeper into false doctrine that could only be fixed by the reformation.

The Catholic church has an important message for us today……

Love of power will destroy you!

One of Satan’s most powerful temptations is a promise of power or authority. It understandably feels good to have a place of responsibility and control. Yet power cannot become the goal of the church. When this happens, everything else falls apart.

We can see remnants of this church focused on power in Pastors or leaders who HAVE to have things their way. In congregations that refuse to change. In many different church splits. Within all of this power is seen as a very corruptive force.

Instead of seeking power, we are encouraged to serve the Lord in humility….

Then He in return will give us His authority that can be used for God’s Glory.

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