A “West Virginia House”

In early 2019 my mom and dad were staying at our small house in West Virginia. She took an early morning picture of my dad (coffee cup in hand) walking the dog who doubtless just used the bathroom.

That photo makes me smile because it brings back many fond memories of “the West Virginia House” on what we lovingly call “Wilburn Hill.”

Most of all it is a place for community and contemplation

My father was actually born and raised in that small home so after my grandmother died, the house was given to us. We would always go up for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The thing is that the house is well…..small! This means almost everything is either done together, or closely to one another. This can feel strange at first since we are so used to our own “personal space” but after a while, you start to really enjoy it.

The closeness lends itself to memories of family time, and just being together.

While the closeness of the Daniels House is special, it’s the contemplation that makes it precious to me

Growing up there was no cable tv or internet there. So basically it was a place where we could unplug. Later in life, it became a space for quiet reflection and deep work. Notes for two college classes were created at the little kitchen table during my medical furlough in 2021.

Life is incredibly busy for most of us basically rushing from one place to the next. Sometimes we just need a West Virginia house where we can sit down, relax, pray, and walk the dog with a cup of coffee.

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