Another Busted Ball

Every Friday I try to have what’s commonly referred to as “games day” with some kids in my community. It’s an opportunity to play games together, learn to work as a team, and make memories.

It also means A LOT of balls get busted!

There are lots of reasons for this. But the most common is boys will kick the ball repeatedly as hard as they can (even though I just told them not to). Then when the ball is either busted or flat they will bring it to me with a very sad look on their face.

In the children’s defense balls in Saint Vincent are quite cheap, which is why next month I’ll get balls from America that they can kick all day without a problem.

I don’t usually mind them busting a ball but a few weeks ago it really got to me.

I’d bought them a proper football for $40 East Caribbean (around $20 US) hoping it would last for a while….

Seven days later it was busted 😦

It really wasn’t the busted ball that bothered me, but the fact that it took just seven days for it to happen. And I knew the reason why was because boys were kicking it as hard as they could. Something that I’d told them not to do dozens of times.

Thankfully the Lord helped me calm my frustration at that moment.

And remember they were children.

Sadly many children in the Caribbean, and around the world live in fear of what would happen when they make a mistake. Like kicking the ball too hard after Mr. John told you not to. Bringing me that busted ball a week ago they could clearly see the frustration on my face. But they also saw me calm my emotions, smile, and say “thats okay”

Church History class is keeping me busy this week. But with the Lord’s help, I will buy a new ball on the way home from class Friday. Hopefully it lasts longer than seven days! But even if it doesn’t I will show grace, because my Heavenly Father shows grace when I fail Him.

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