Joy in Giving

When I began a class on Church History a few weeks ago, a student came to me and asked for my help. He’s currently preaching every Sunday at a church plant and is actively involved in a thriving young adult ministry in his community.

the problem was his Bible.

Obviously, a Bible could never be a problem! But the one he currently preaches from has no study-notes or places for him to make his own notations. He was wondering if it would be possible for me to order him one from America.

I asked if there was one he liked, and he immediately told me about a “Preachers Bible” that could be found on Amazon. The next morning I this message on my private Facebook ministry page.

Good morning friends! I don’t do this much, but am asking you today to help me supply a financial need for a brother in Christ.

One of my Bible College students is currently preaching each week at a local church plant and has a growing young adult ministry in the community. He has displayed a solid work ethic that always brings high grades.

Yesterday I noticed he was carrying a very basic Bible without footnotes, or much space for his own notes. He is in desperate need of a new one that can be used for study and preaching. He’s already picked one out (you can see it in the comments section below) and I’d like to purchase it for him.

The Bible itself is $75 and the cost of shipping it would be about $40. So I am asking whoever the Lord leads to give a donation towards the $115 total.

If you would like to give, please use the link below to give directly to Baptist Mid Missions. The funds will then be sent to me from them. Thank you for helping this young man continue to proclaim God’s truth.

By that evening I was able to inform the student his Bible had been paid for……

He responded by giving me a big hug!

I’m incredibly grateful for the way that you ministered to this young man by providing a proper Bible for preaching and ministry. It’s also a reminder that prayer supporters take great joy in giving.

One of the biggest challenges for me in missions is understanding when to ask for financial assistance. I don’t want to be someone who is constantly asking people to help me financially, and at the same time, I don’t want to be someone who never asks for help (even if I need it). Truthfully, I find myself falling into the “never asking” category most of the time.

This can be referred to as being frugal or careful, but the truth is it’s quite selfish.

Part of being a prayer supporter in ministry is a willingness to give and help when the need is legitimate. Satan sometimes wants me to think asking for assistance is “forcing someone to give” but it is just the opposite. They LOVE to give! Giving so a young man can prepare sermons with a study-bible is an incredible blessing that brings joy to him, and the giver.

Selfishly refusing to ask for assistance robs both of them of an incredible blessing.

This doesn’t mean God wants me to ask for financial help every day

But it does mean He wants me to allow prayer partners the joy of giving towards a legitimate need.

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