Being Ready for the Worst-Case Scenario

In 2019 my brother bought me a laser printer for Christmas. This was one of the nicest gifts he could have purchased since I do a lot of printing for church, and the ink cartridges for normal printer’s costs way too much.

The best part about this printer is it prints 2,000 pages for each ink cartridge! Thats almost 1,000 more than the original laser printer I had purchased!

There is only one drawback to having it though…..

You cannot get the cartridge in Saint Vincent.

I usually try to have a back-up cartridge since laser printers don’t usually tell you when they are running low on ink. Also getting the ink cartridge to SVG from America would take a minimum of two-weeks.

For some reason I didn’t take the time to purchase and send a back-up cartridge. Was probably too busy to deal with it, but began to panic when the ink began to run out.

For about three weeks we didn’t have handouts in church or physical sermon notes while anxiously awaiting the new ink cartridge. Finally it arrived and I excitedly put it in….rejoicing when the printer came back to life.

Today I have a spare ink cartridge sitting underneath the printer (learned from my mistake). But experience also taught me the importance of planning ahead.

Often in life we know something needs to be done but put if off, telling us there is plenty of time. Yet planning for that worst-case scenario spares us lots of stress.

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