Walking Away from Daily Ministry

I write this on the morning of October 30 and am preparing myself for the last week of a three-week class on Church History at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach while staying on campus and ministering to students….

But part of me is really beginning to miss daily ministry in Barrouallie

This is only the second time I’ve had a three-week class at the Bible College. All other classes have only lasted two weeks, I’m physically (and mentally) accustomed to that. This is a challenge because during classes I set most daily ministry aside (not even being in Barrouallie) and its hard being away from that for two weeks, especially three.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about not being with the young people who are part of my discipleship and reading help ministries. They are certain to be quite annoyed with me after being away for almost a month!

Though I do miss the daily ministry it doesn’t deter me from class….

because the teaching ministry is more important

What I do during the week has an evangelistic, and pastoring focus. Ministries like visitation, bible studies, reading programs, youth meetings, and other outreaches do make a definite impact.

But the college classes give a different type of ministry. A ministry of training and equipping.

And both of those are incredibly important.

The evangelistic day to day work is more exciting because it shows fruit through people who are excited to see me, opportunities to share the Gospel, and develop stronger relationships. The training ministries are often less exciting (but definitely not less important) because they involve lots of lecture and working through class material.

You also don’t see as much fruit in class. Especially when students fall asleep! The important thing to remember is training ministry has LONG TERM fruit, and it MULTIPLIES ITSELF.

In a way teaching ministries are like planting a garden. The seed of a tomato plant doesn’t just spring up overnight! But with care, along with water and sun, it will grow!

As Christians it’s okay to invest in ministries that bring almost immediate fruit like my day to day ministries. But we must also be willing to step away from those for a short time in order to plant God’s Truth deeply in the hearts and minds of others so they will flourish in the future.

It will always be hard to walk away from daily ministry

but I still do it so stronger fruit will come.

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