Building a Firm Foundation

In the Fall of 2019 the Lord allowed me to begin teaching at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean. This was a wonderful opportunity to not only challlenge my own teaching ability, but explain foundational truths of Scripture.

Teaching at the college has taught me many things…..

but the most important is students need Doctrine.

Most of my classes have been either Theology, or overviews of Scripture. This allows me to emphasize teaching “themes” or major doctrinal truths of the Bible. Those truths build a solid foundation that ministry can then be built on.

We have had many discusiosns about challenging or controversial subjects in class. This is important to do since Bible college is a place where we an wrestle with these kind of hard questions. Of course, these discussions would become quite loud as the students argued their case. Within these animated discussions I would stop and say “okay guys lets come back to the themes of Scripture.”

There were two reasons for doing this

  1. To calm things down a bit if they were becoming emotinal
  2. And to focus on Scripture instead of personal opinion

As the years progressed, we still have our animated discussions……

but they always come back to Doctrines of Scripture

It has taken time to build that foundation of Scripture, but it is worth the work. When many use emotion or personal opinion to defend their Beliefs, this foundation allows us to use the Word of God instead.

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