Sowing Seed

In 2019 I began teaching my first class at Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean (Bible Doctrine). It was a joy to see the Lord begin to open the eyese of students to the truths of Scripture.

After class one day a student called me over with a serious look on his face. He wanted a study Bible (you can’t get those here, and are quite expensive) and was wondering if I knew anyone who had one to spare.

I happened to have an old Scofield reference Bible at home and brought it to him to the next day, apologizing for the notes that I’d made in it. He received the Bible like a priceless treasure, enjoying not just the text, but my own notes as well. I was able to do the same with a Ryrie study Bible that was given to another student a few months later.

To me this wasn’t that big of a deal since those Bible were just laying around the house (I did use them, but was using my own Cambridge KJV for normal study). But the students had a great appreciation for it.

This reminded me just how spoiled we (Americans) are when it comes to the Word of God.

We have countless good Bibles in our homes (my Scofied and Ryrie were both calfskin leather) and don’t use them very much. While there are many in other lands who would LOVE to have those Bibles.

That experience reminded me just how precious the Word of God is. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple study Bibles in the house. But it’s better to put them in the hands of those who would use, and treasure them

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