Books are Better Than Screens

In 2019 I stopped using streaming services like Netflix for my entertainment in the afternoons and evenings. In its place, I listened to books on Audible (a program that gives one free audiobook a month).

Enjoying fiction and adventure I started looking for something exciting to listen to. I decided to start the wingfeather chronicles, a series of four books by Andrew Peterson.

I quickly finished the first….but had to wait till next month for the second book!

And then I finished the second book much quicker than the first!!

Thankfully my family took mercy on me, and purchased the last two books in the series so that I wouldn’t have to wait

I’m thankful for these books and others like them because they remind me books are better than media.

when I turned off Netflix and other services I was worried about not finding anything interesting to do with my time. Instead, the audiobooks ended up being MORE EXCITING than the programs!

This series of books probably won’t do the same for everyone. But my point is that literature is much more entertaining than tv since it uses our whole mind. It’s very easy to watch something while being totally distracted mentally. An audiobook uses other senses so you’re focused on what’s heard.

About a month after that I went back to streaming services. I sort of wish I didn’t because a book will almost always be better than a screen.

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