Returning to the Real World

I sat on my porch a few Saturdays ago with a Bible a cup of coffee, and an excited heart.

the excitement came because I had finished my bible college class the day before, and was now going back into the “real world.”

Ministry at times is understandably done in a Christian sub-culture where everyone loves the Lord. This is true for things like a Christian camp, and of course Bible College. These ministries are an incredible blessing because they allow God’s Word to be taught and preached in an intensely focused way, It’s also necessary somtimes to get away from the world in order to draw nearer to God.

But as wonderful as those opportunities are….

eventually, you have to return to the real world

Of course, there will always be individuals in the world who love the Lord. But the world itself is ruled by Satan (God allows him to do this temporarily) and it hates God’s truth. The rise of LGBT rights, transgenderism, and abortion among other things shows the world is our enemy.

But we cannot avoid it

Allow me to clarify this doesn’t mean we live like the world. Instead we must live for God IN THE WORLD! Our lives that have been transformed by the Holy Spirit and witness for Christ will shine a bright light of the Gospel into darkness. But if we isolate ourselves from the world,that light will never be seen.

Satan would want to discourage our hearts with the dark wickedness of this world. He tells us our light won’t make much of a difference, so we may as well stay with the other Christians. But the Gospel calls us from comfort and safety into the darkness.

So we study Scripture

Drink our coffee

and go back out to war

One response to “Returning to the Real World”

  1. Great post! Many people in the world dismiss the Bible because they want to continue to live by desire and not by discipline. Discipline in the Christian life isn’t easy but necessary, especially in these times of the majority just outwardly promoting sin and death.


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