Satan is Limited

The first thing I do every morning after getting out of bed is turn on my coffee pot and fed the cats. After this, I take my dog’s trusty leash off a hook and take him for his morning walk.

My dog Vincy (short for Vincentian) can be aggressive sometimes. especially if you come into my gate without me inviting you in first. But during morning walks people have no fear of him because his freedom is limited. Vincy can only go as far as the leash allows, and I’m also able to control him with it. When other dogs or close by I usually make the leash very short so that he cannot get near them.

In a way walking Vincy every morning reminds me of our relationship with Satan

There’s no doubt that Satan is vicious, and takes great joy in attacking Believers. It’s also clear that Satan has a greater influence today in the world as things become progressively worse instead of better. But just like Vincy’s strength is limited by my leash, Satan’s is limited by God.

Yes, he has great power…..but only the power that God allows him to have!

And just like Vincy’s freedom is removed till the next morning at the end of our walk, Satan will someday lose all of his authority for eternity.

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