It’s Okay To Rest

I had a lot to do a few Saturdays ago after the end of my college class. So I woke up early ready to attack a gigantic to-do list.

That lasted till about 12:00!

After 12:00 my energy level (and more importantly willpower) gave out. This is understandable since lots of mental work went into my class, so I was mentally tired. The rest of the day was spent reading and relaxing.

Around 1:00 rain started to come. It was the kind of rain that continued to consistently fall the entire day. Because of my mental weariness, the rain darkened my mood as the day wore on.

Around 5:30 I opened up the church so a member could clean. Coming back I noticed the sun had begun to peek through the clouds. This didn’t last, but the Lord used it as a reminder that His grace will shine on the darkest days.

It also reminded me it’s okay to rest!

The dark day with rain and lack of motivation was very frustrating to me. But there was also a light (blessing) within it becasue the Lord allowed me to rest. This wasn’t completely a physical rest (though I did that) but a day focused on restful activities like reading, prayer, and communication with loved ones.

Though I wouldn’t have chosen to rest for a day that was the wisest thing for me because it renewed my physical and emotional strength. The next day I was able to preach and teach with mental strength becasue of my day of rest.

Somedays God brings clouds into our lives that we don’t understand like my day of rest. Satan wants us to focus on the clouds and become discouraged, but if we look closely enough, the glory of God can always be seen shining through.

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