Choosing the Safe Road

To this day there is a small dark spot on the front license plate of my vehicle. How it got there is an interesting, and somewhat scary story!

One Saturday in 2019 I was driving over to an area called Peters Hope. Along the way, a van stopped to pick up passengers so I stopped and put the car in park. It’s sometimes possible to pass the van on the other side of the road, but at that point there was a truck on the other side parked.

As I sat in the car a young man came down the road on a bicycle. For some reason, he decided to cut between the parked van and truck instead of waiting for the van to move (giving him room).

As he did the bike started going out of control, and he ended up hitting the front of my car at a very slow speed, and rolling up onto the hood of my vehicle!

I sat there in a state of shock for a moment before checking to see if he was okay (there was no damage to the car). He responded by rolling off the hood and running down the road while people laughed hysterically.

I’ve thought about that young man since then and wondered why he didn’t just wait for an opportunity to pass safely. The bike may have already been out of control, but I believe he just didn’t want to wait. The frightening part is if my car had been moving instead of parked he could’ve experienced a serious injury.

As a young man, I’m sure he felt invincible and wanted to feel the thrill of zipping between vehicles before finding himself on my hood. In other words, he chose to take a risk.

His true problem was a lack of patience

I actually find myself in what he did quite often because I’m an impatient person by habit. The Lord created me as someone who doesn’t like to sit still or wait for anything. But it’s that impatience that causes accidents spiritually. More than once after making a decision impatiently I’ve found myself laying on a car hood in shock!

May the Lord help all of us calm down, take our time, and walk the easy road. It’s much safer in the long-run.

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