The Gospel Will Grow

Monday some children came to me excitedly holding a small plant. “Mr. John!” they said, “we want to plant this in your backyard.” When I asked why they told me that small plant would grow to become a mango tree!

I skeptically looked at the small plant and didn’t have the heart to tell them it could never become a tree.

I believe what they brought to me was a plant that grew near their mango tree that had to be cut down. The tree was cut down because it had woodlice (Termites) which would have completely destroyed the tree. So even it COULD become a tree the plant was probably already affected by the woodlice.

So we dug a hole in the back yard, and watered the plant….

But I knew it wouldn’t bring a mango tree because that would require a sapling tree.

That experience reminded me of our call to bring fruit for the Glory of God. The Lord desires that we live in a way that is completely submitted to Him. This transformed life demands that among other things we have the right seed.

The seed of the Gospel!

The Gospel is the only thing that can bring Salvation. But it is also the only thing that can bring consistent growth for the Lord. Only as we as Believers continue “preaching the Gospel to ourselves” and live every day in dependence upon the Lord that fruit will come.

The problem is we often become distracted by another kind of plant or seed that promises faster growth. So we remove the Gospel and replace it with something that emphasizes works, or emotion. But you cannot get a mango tree from a small plant, and you cannot get Christian growth from human effort.

Sadly Satan sometimes removes the seed of the Gospel like the parable of the sower. So we must continually replant the Gospel, and guard our hearts with vigilance while watering it with prayer, and giving it the nourishment of Scripture.

It won’t happen overnight, but eventually, the Gospel seed will become a large spiritual tree.

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