The Darkness is Coming

My community of Barrouallie has been a pretty eventful few weeks. About fourteen days ago, a man who was having intercourse with another man for money sent a voice message to a third man about their arrangement. Unfortunately for him, he sent the voice message to the wrong person, so it was all over Facebook!

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend who was disgusted about the situation……

But that disgusting situation gave me an opportunity to explain God’s standard for Biblical sexuality.

The interesting thing is my unsaved friend viewed male intercourse as disgusting. But at the same time viewed other sexual acts outside marriage as being okay. I calmly asked him the difference between these two acts other than the fact that ones with women, and the other is with men. He had to admit any form of intercourse outside of marriage is sin just like homosexuality.

Living in a religious mission field where ten churches can be found in our community and two close by, it’s hard to imagine individuals openly engaged in intercourse outside of marriage.

But I know it’s been going on for years…..

We just haven’t been able to see it

The thing about sin is it takes place behind the scenes, where nobody can see it. I’m sure these men have been sleeping together for years in order to gain money. We only found out now because one man accidentally sent a voice note to one person!

Sin often explodes on the scene as if it arrived overnight. But in reality, it grows in the background.

Our hearts by nature reject the ways of God. So those without the presence of Holy Spirit will continually fall back into sin. They will try to hide those sins because of shame or discouragement. But eventually the sin that was always there will explode.

Our response as Believers is to take a firm constant stand against all forms of sin by proclaiming God’s truth, and living at a higher standard. We also share the Gospel openly with all so they will know their sins don’t have to be kept hidden. Finally, we understand our own sinful nature must be conquered through the power of the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

In other words….we must take sin seriously!

While others act as if such sinful actions “could never happen here”, we offer confrontation and grace.

Because there will be an explosion of sin soon

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