You Must Have Power!

On a Thursday night in 2019, I dropped people off after church, parked my car, and tried to put up my driver-side window. Strangely it didn’t work! I checked to see if any buttons had been pushed to keep it from coming up, but nothing worked.

In desperation, I called a friend who tried to get it up, to no avail.

We eventually concluded the motor that brought the window up was broken. This was obviously a big problem because anyone who wanted to steal from my vehicle just had to reach in the window. They could even steal the car!

Since it would take weeks to get the proper part, I paid a mechanic who could get the window rolled up after disconnecting the motor. It took abour four hours, but he was able to do it! I was able to live without having that window down till the window motor arrived.

That experience reminded me how I must rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit. No amount of work or coaxing could make that window work because it was disconnected from power. And a simple job that should only take seconds ended up taking hours because it had to be done by hand.

Sadly though using the power of the Holy Spirit is a much better option, we pursue things in our own strength

This is nothing but arrogant pride that refuses to submit to God!

As someone who has done things the hard way far too many times let me assure you….God’s way is better.

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