The God Who Surprises Us

Monday morning around 10:30 I was reviewing some sight words with students at a local school when my phone rang. I glanced at the number and didn’t recognize it, but something told me to answer anyways.

I am very glad I did…..

because it was a call telling me my christmas barrels had come in!

Most of you know once a year I will send boxes from America with ministry tools, and personal items such as coffee to use during the year. Usually, I’ll get an email when the boxes leave Miami, and then a call when they arrive in St Vincent. So the call took me by a total surprise since I didn’t know they had even left Miami yet!

After the phone call of course, I was incredibly excited. And by 4:00 that afternoon the boxes were in my front yard!

Monday night was a joyous occasion sending pictures to family members, charging new electronic items, and indulging in good coffee along with birthday-cake Oreos.

Within all of that I rejoiced in God’s suprise

The Christian life is difficult (though God gives grace) because we are fighting against the temptations and trials of Satan. Even the strongest of us can become weary spiritually, which is why the Lord from time-to-time surprises us with a special blessing. These blessings are to encourage our hearts and remind us that He’s definitely in control.

The thing about these blessings is you cannot plan them (this is why God calls them a surprise!) but they are given to those who are faithful. This is an incredibly encouraging through because it reminds us that God will encourage our hearts in a way that only He can if we don’t quit.

So, the point isn’t the surprise at all.

Instead, the point is God sees our struggle…..

And He will encourage our hearts

We serve a God who takes great joy in pouring out incredible blessings on people who trust Him.

I am not sure dear friend what trial God is leading you through. But I know He will encourage your heart with an incredible surprise at the end. Sometimes that surprise is a calmness and peace that overwhelms your soul, other times it is you favorite coffee and cookies.

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