They Can Learn!

I have been working a lot with children lately in reading help ministries since many of them struggle with it. It’s a joy to see the excitement on their faces as they get better at reading, and become more confident at it.

At the same time, there are some that struggle…..

This of course doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent, but reading is just a greater struggle for them. They want to read like the others but just need some extra help.

One little girl in this situation God has placed upon my heart I’ll call Cindy (not her real name). I’ve actually written about Cindy before because while her cousins can all read fairly well, she cannot remember her alphabet. This causes embarrassment because she longs to read along with them, but can’t do it. Thankfully her cousins don’t laugh at her, but she is still bothered by it.

Last week I was able to work with Cindy by herself (actually a few younger cousins helped) with alphabet flashcards that used sandpaper. This allowed her to trace with her finger how to write the letter. Through some repetition, she was able to successfully tell me the letters on those cards.

The thing about Cindy is she CAN READ. But she needs someone who will take the time to patiently teach her the foundations of the alphabet. This demands extra time and energy, but it’s worth it to see the look of joy on her face when she can recite her alphabet correctly.

Working with Cindy reminds me there are many Christians who grow slowly

Just like her, there is nothing necessarily wrong with them. Instead, they just grow slower than others. This usually involves things like their background, habits, or surroundings. Like Cindy they CAN GROW, they just need to be taught with patience.

My heart is burdened because of the Cindy’s I’ve left behind because there wasn’t time or energy to help them along the way. I lost opportunities to help them flourish both in reading and spiritual growth because of the desire to move forward. May the Lord help us stop leaving them behind….may we give the patient teaching they need to grow.

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