Physical and Spiritual Eyes

Over the years my parents have learned what some of my biggest physical needs are on the mission field. Near the top of the list are big print Bibles, and reading glasses.

Both of these are related to the same problem…….

Many Vincentians struggle with poor eyesight, or cataracts

Having bright sun year-round along with its being intensified (we are closer to the equator) means most people struggle with poor eyesight. Most of the time this comes from cataracts that haven’t been dealt with, but it can also be natural degeneration of eysight.

Ideally, this problem is fixed with large print Bibles, but sadly they are hard to get here. So once I do get a shipment of them, they are gone almost right away. The other way to help is by providing reading glasses that allow individuals to read finer print Bibles. It is possible to get them here, but they are of lower quality, and some individuals cannot afford them.

Over the summer my father filled in for a short-time at Berea Baptist Church in Ohio while their pastor was away. One weekend he and my mother were at a church picnic when she mentioned in passing the need for reading glasses here. The people immediately gave towards the need, and shipped me over 100 pair!

Amazingly what began as a huge box is now down to about ten pairs. But the Lord has used those glasses to help people see clearly, and read God’s Word.

It is my prayer that these glasses will help people both read and understand the truths of Scripture. The Lord tells us as we study His word, the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to us. In this way, the reading glasses not only strengthen their physical sight but spiritual!

May the Lord remove the blindness from their eyes temporarily with these precious glasses. And more importantly, may the Lord remove the blindness from their hearts.

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