A World Full of Strays

In early 2019 I noticed a very skinny cat prowling around my backyard. This isn’t abnormal since cats in Saint Vincent reproduce a LOT! So the kittens are often left to fend for themselves.

Though I didn’t see the cat again, I was sure to leave a saucer of milk out for him

This act has everything to do with my mother who loves all animals, but has a special place in her heart for stray cats. Of course, a stray is an animal who doesn’t necessarily have a home. Many strays have come to my home for a meal over the years, and more than a few ended up being fat indoor cats.

I have some friends who are decidedly “anti-cat” (and I understand why)…..But the idea of helping those who are in need speaks to all of us

The thing is there are worse things than stray cats

especially people who, like those cats, are beaten up by the world

Life is hard for all of us. And sometimes the challenges are truly too much to bear. Those beaten-up individuals like starving or wounded animals are just looking for someone to show them love. Someone who will genuinely care.

There is an especially dirty and sick cat that used to come by the house my father was born and raised in. Whenver my parents visited West Virginia, he would always come on the porch waiting for food. My mother lovingly called him “Buddy” and would go out of her way to give extra food, medication, and especially love. He passed last year but my mother did a lot to bring him happiness.

There are many “Buddy’s” in this world who bought into Satan’s deception and wander around looking for someone to love them. May the Lord help us offer a kind word, a loving heart, and God’s transforming truth.

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