My Last Two Bibles

Every year I will bring ten to fifteen big-print Bibles in my Christmas barrel to give out to individuals. These are actually precious commodities since so many people will want them, so most of the Bibles are usually set aside or promised before they even arrive.

About six months ago my home church sent some big-print Bibles that could be used at the church I took the opportunity to give away six to those prisoners who attend our services at the local prison. After they were all given away, one prisoner named Dexter stopped me, and asked if there were any more.

Sadly I had given away all of them…….

so he had to wait till my next shipment which came in a few weeks ago

It was hard for Dexter to wait that long for a Bible, but he patientlhy waited. Thats why it gave me so much joy to tell him they had come! Another prisoner sitting nearby heard what I said and called out “sir bring me one too!”

So last week I proudly delivered my last two big print bibles to inmates who faithfully attend our services.

Experiences like this remind me what a precious gift the Word of God is. We often forget this till something like poor eyesight takes away our ability to read it. Seeing the excitement on these men’s faces as they held the Bible encouraged me to bring more!

Thank you for standing with me not only with prayers but also with financial help. Because of your giving, these precious Bibles can be placed in the hands of those who hunger for the Word of God.

This morning I pray that Dexter and those like him will dig deep into those big print Bibles, and draw closer to their Saviour.

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